On chairs, electric frogs, and fertilizer

When I lived in a dead city I took a trip to Home Depot in hope of

finding the flora that might bring some vibrancy to the world around me. 

I looked amongst the lilacs and tulips, the orchids and snapdragons,

The petunias, palms, prickly pears, plums, and pines, 

but none had the vivacity, the spark I had l yearned for. 

Not to mention the soil and manure

pungent smells that i’m sure were nothing festering grounds

designed to multiply the bullshit from which it comes

To look for the recreation of the glitters of our past

in new things is much like an exercise in insanity

by repetition of ones mistakes and expecting different results

despite knowing you’re so much better than this. it’s like 

when frogs have their heads chopped off

and their hearts continue 

to beat on as long

as their adenosine triphosphates are in agreement.

It’s not too far off to believe that humans still have electricity 

left over in their muscles, even though everyone thought

that they were dead a long long time ago.